“I came to see Scott about a year ago when I was suffering from nearly debilitating anxiety.  With the help of Scott’s compassion and expertise, I have been able to work through the issues and discover the lies that brought the anxiety on.  I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is fed up with the way they are feeling and the way that their life is going!”

“Scott also counseled my kids with me as we navigated the divorce process.  He was great with my kids too and really connected with them.  They were able to talk about their feelings to a third party; in a way that they maybe wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“You helped us to understand each other so much better and we are able to better communicate as a result of meeting with you.  Thank you for everything you have done for us. We really appreciate all of the help you provided!  Of course, no one is perfect so we will keep in touch and have follow up appointments every now and then :)

“I contacted Scott when my 14 year old son and I needed help communicating and understanding our changing relationship.   One of the most important criteria for me in choosing a counselor, which I found in Scott, was someone who would pray with us and encourage us to keep God in the middle of our relationship.  Scott taught us better ways to communicate and to head off the triggers that were causing turmoil.  He listened to both my son and I, interjected when needed, and worked hard to help us get to the core of the problem.  I highly recommend him as a counselor.”

“I had never been to a counselor before. I was very nervous and to be honest I didn’t have much faith in them. I found Scott on the web and liked what he was about and that he counseled with The Lord at his side. I saw Scott’s profile and got a gut feeling (aka the Holy Spirit) that he would be good, and man was that right on. Scott has helped me out so much to see the way God wanted us to live and be in a relationship with him, our partner and others. He really has a great connection and understanding with The Lord and uses that to help others, the way we are supposed to. If you are looking to have someone who has the right principles in mind, the Love in his heart to help everyone and the ways to help you reach your goal or helping you with any problem you might have. He is the best, a great counselor and person!!”

“Thank you for being so passionate and so good at your job. I appreciate what you do.”

“Scott helped us understand how to communicate to each other better while going through a myriad of life changes including a new job, our first child and a new house.”