My Approach to Counseling

I believe therapy is a process, one which can be brief but is more often longer as the degree of change becomes greater. My goal in therapy is to attend to you so that together we make our way to a stronger, healthier you walking in freedom and wholeness in truth. Therapy is not an instant process, and there may be serious challenges. The journey may become more difficult before it becomes easier, but all of it, better and worse will be progress. I cannot do the walking for you, but I will walk with you.

In providing therapy or counseling services, I offer individual counseling, couples counseling and family counseling. From a theoretical perspective, I look at relationships and view people in context of their relationships and environment. I believe that the relationship is key in therapy no matter what approach you take. I am a systemic thinker and I believe that we can “…be transformed by the renewal of your mind,”

The way you and I collaborate to achieve your goals will be unique to you.  You may confront distorted thinking that has been holding you back, get to the root emotions driving you behavior and interactions, focus on what you can do now to make things better, or take back control of writing your own story and discover an empowered identity.

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