Insurance Coverage

Scott Steinbarger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) which is a recognized provider by most insurance. You may be eligible for mental health coverage or able to pay with an HSA account. Because insurance coverage varies and is subject to change, the service fee is the client’s responsibility to pay at the time of service.

Additionally, in order to be reimbursed for mental health care, your insurance requires the care to be medically necessary treatment of a mental health disorder you are diagnosed with on your medical record. In light of these factors, paying out of pocket is an option if you are not eligible for coverage.

Reduced fees available for bulk prepaid purchases.

Fee Schedule

Intake60 Minute Session$120.00
Individual/Couple/Family Therapy60 Minute Session$120.00
Individual/Couple/Family Therapy90 Minute Session$180.00
Late Cancellation/No-ShowNot Applicable$70.00-$180.00
Fees, Phone Calls, Letters & ReportsVariable$30.00+
Sliding Scale Available for Qualified Clients60 Minute Session$70.00-$120.00