Gender Roles & Division of Labor

Should the man hold the door open for a woman, or is that sexist? Should the woman offer to pay first? What about stay at home dads? Who does the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the bills, the garbage, the lawn? Whose responsibility is it to make money and to do the house work?

These days, our culture can seem to be telling us that gender, male and female with associated roles and responsibilities, is an illusion. The result can often be a very well intentioned mess of confusion regarding how we are supposed to act in our relationships. By and large, women and wives still want their men to act like men. Men and husbands still want their women to act like women. We’re just not sure what that actually means anymore.

Fortunately, as much as culture changes, so far male and female still hasn’t. As a man or woman you be encouraged and empowered to be yourself. Without falling into the trap of prescribed cultural notions of what is most liberating, you as a couple can live a dynamic that is mutually respectful, satisfying and resonates as a union of equals that complement each other.

You are a woman or you are a man. That is significant. And it is good!

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