Closeness, Communication & Conflict Resolution

One plus One equals One. That’s the math of couples. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But when the communication breaks down, when you’re not understood, not heard or not even seen; when the fighting doesn’t stop, it just waits for tomorrow – it can feel like you are miles away from your partner. Like you aren’t partners or if you are it’s business partners, roommates and ships passing in the night. The excitement is gone, the passion is dead, even the nourishing affection has gone dry.

A lack of closeness, communication difficulty and problems with conflict are painfully common challenges that almost all couples face.

Fortunately, the solutions to these challenges are battle tested and have been successful over and over again. Every couple’s story, circumstance and needs are unique, but the principles behind having a close, fulfilling, mutually satisfying relationship are shared by all persons.

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