Adultery – Spousal Betrayal/Infidelity

An affair is one of the most devastating events that can possibly happen to you. The word “affair” doesn’t seem big enough by itself – because this isn’t simply some fling you or your partner engaged in. It is cheating, it is a violation, a betrayal, unfaithfulness to a devastating degree. And it doesn’t have to be physical, in some ways, an emotional affair can feel even more cutting.

There is hope.

Trust can be rebuilt, pain and hurt healed from, anger released and intimacy restored. Because by the grace of God, He really can make all things new, and you really can access the same power that brings life to the dead. The power of resurrection stands ready, redemption for the fallen is available and victory in the face of despair is where God loves to excel.

There is hope for you, there is hope for your partner, there is hope for your relationship. There is hope, if you want it. At West Metro Christian Counseling, I will unconditionally support you and your healing, while honoring your right to choose whatever direction to take in your relationship. You should know that there will be no easy path.

An affair will always be devastating to a marriage or relationship, but it does not have to put a ceiling on it. As long as you are willing to work, there are no limits to the joy and satisfaction to be had in your relationship and marriage.

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