Sexual Concerns

It is safe to say that sex and sexuality is a sensitive topic. We are all fundamentally sexual beings, having from birth a sexual identity of either male or female. And from birth on, we grapple with what our sexual identity means. Masculinity/femininity and its expression as individuals and in context with others is a task that confronts us for the entirety of our lives.

It is here, in an area so intrinsic to how we think of ourselves, that we can experience some of life’s greatest joys and most powerful challenges. The path to sexual maturity and peace can contain challenge, confusion, accomplishment, pain, regret, hope and redemption.

If you wrestle with unwanted sexual behaviors, patterns or desires that feel all-consuming, you can know that your experience here will be characterized by:

Unconditional Acceptance





There is hope, even where we are most vulnerable – especially for the areas we are most vulnerable. The path to sexual freedom, the path to sexual joy begins one step at a time.

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