Mental Health

Mental health is very similar to physical health in a number of ways. It is real, it can dramatically impact our life, is able to be impacted positively and negatively by our own decisions and is able to be positively and negatively by others decisions.
Mental health is different from physical health however, in that it is relatively invisible. You can see and find a growing tumor, a fracture, a blood clot, or low iron levels. It is more difficult to see and find growing fears, crippling sadness, feeling out of control or hyper. But mental health is real, and so are the symptoms.

And they are not your fault.

Mental health symptoms, or a mental health diagnosis does not make you weak or a bad person or mean you need more faith – not any more than having asthma or allergies or high blood pressure does. You are not perfect, in body or in mind. That does not make you bad. It means you have the opportunity to grow. To respond to your human condition the best way you know how. To overcome your frailties or make them worse. To confront your personal challenges and know that they don’t define you.
We are only responsible for what we choose to do, not where we find ourselves.
Choose to live your life.


Hope. Such a small word, but one which can make all the difference in the world. When you have hope, even in the face of difficulty, life is livable. But when we lose hope, when the pain and darkness or the worries of today and tomorrow become too much – life can begin to feel like too much.
Anxiety and depression can often feel like insurmountable obstacles to overcome. This is more than just the occasional worry and sad feelings. We all worry, we all experience sadness. But when the worry and sadness become more than a momentary experience, when the worry thoughts start to take over our days, our future, and our freedom – it is time to take back control. When the sadness doesn’t go away. When the weight of pain feels like it swallows you up in a sea of darkness, and you’re struggling to just keep your head above water – it is time to demand more.
Whether you are out of hope, have lost heart or are just plain old tired – there is hope.
At West Metro Christian Counseling, by the grace of God there is healing, there is freedom and there is joy yet within your reach.
Anxiety with its sense of impending doom, the distracting worries that eat away at your happiness and productivity – it doesn’t have to rule over you. The burden of depression, with its weight and debilitating sense of worthlessness – it does not have the final say.
Anxiety and depression can be incredibly challenging, but they are challenges that can be met, that are met and that are overcome. Life’s challenges don’t have to be the final word on your story. Life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life.

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Feel like the world is out of control? Like you have no control? The challenges of a Bi-Polar mental health diagnosis or significant, but they are also manageable. A diagnosis does not have to rule over you. If you find yourself at times depressed and at times manic, if you have been diagnosed by a doctor or professional and aren’t sure what it means or how to deal with it, know that you can still thrive.
Bi-Polar is a diagnosis. And whether you have been diagnosed, told you are bi-polar or suspect you are bi-polar – what is more important than a piece of paper in your medical record is you. You are a wonderful person, with incredible abilities. Abilities to cope with challenges, habits, moods and predispositions. Just like a diagnosis of asthma or your own recognition of asthma symptoms – you can be in the driver’s seat. There are skills, strategies, and medications if needed.
Having challenges is normal. Responding to those challenges well is what matters, and you can do it!

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Fear can be healthy and it can even save your life. But fear that prevents you from living your life, that controls you rather than informs and protects you, can be crippling. The pain of lost opportunities, unmet aspirations or simply a meager and limited life does not have to be your story.
Fear surely feels very real, but it does not have to dominate you. At West Metro Christian Counseling, we will confront your fears, in a safe and predictable way. You will be given the opportunity to face what seems impossible, and come through it claiming your newfound freedom and opportunity in hand.
Fear does not have to rule you.
“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

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