Men’s Counseling

Are you a man?

With that one simple question, a small avalanche of thoughts may have been tripped. What makes a man? What does being a man mean? Is there a difference between being a male versus being a man? When does a boy become a man and how? What are men supposed to do, think and be?
What is a man’s role and what are his responsibilities? What kind of man am I and do I want to be?

These are in reality, not simple questions and they defy simple answers.

Whether you are reading this because you are asking these questions about yourself, or because you are asking these questions about someone close to you – be encouraged, there are answers!

I believe manhood, masculinity, becoming a man and being a good man, these are things that are both a process and a reality right now. And I believe that no matter where you are and where you have been, right now is the time to start taking command of your destiny as a man.
Because brother, I believe your manliness is no accident. You were designed to be a man. A good man. A great man. And I will fight by your side to get there.

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