Coping with Life Transitions

Life comes at us fast, and it doesn’t ask permission. You may not be ready. You may have had some things break and now you have to pick up the pieces. You didn’t see the change, the loss, the circumstances coming, but now they are here and have to respond. In the flurry of confusion, in the crucible of pressure, it can help to have someone standing with you.

Grief & Loss

We all suffer loss throughout life. But you don’t have to go through it alone. The pain of losing of loss can come in a variety of ways. We lose loved ones yes, but we also lose hopes, dreams and opportunities. We can lose friendships and jobs, we can lose homes and ourselves. Whatever you might be grieving, know that there is an end to the pain. There is a way to honor what has been lost, without letting it consume you. If you are hurting due to the pain of loss, remember “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” –Matthew 5:4

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Stress, Trauma & Abuse

Life is full of challenge and stress. Sometimes that stress is good: getting married, graduating, starting an exciting new job – and sometimes it isn’t so good. Whether the stress is a welcome development or an unasked for frustration, all stress can be overwhelming. It can be helpful to have someone on your side, to talk you through it and help you make the decision for your life that you want.
Trauma and abuse are also a form of stress, but at an entirely different intensity level. With the increase in severity, the challenges of dealing with stress are compounded and give rise to whole new difficulties. Trauma and abuse can haunt us, it can feel like we are being taken over, as though we were losing ourselves or losing control. The pain of the traumatic can be triggered at a moment’s notice, or be a cloud over our day.
Whatever the case, healthy coping can be yours. Learning to process the pain and hurts in your life, to effectively move beyond the past and define your own destiny is within your reach. Whether you face good stress, unwanted stress, past trauma or abuse – you are not alone.

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Divorce Recovery

The emotional upheaval of divorce is difficult to comprehend, until you are there. But when you are there, it can feel like life will never be the same. Taking something as ideally permanent as marriage, and witnessing its end, brings a need to process an earthshaking change and restructure your life on almost every level. That is a serious challenge.
And you can do it.
The truth is, after a divorce, life may never be the same. But that does not mean it will never be good. Our lives frequently happen on moments where they will never be the same – some happy, some less so. The birth of a child, life will never be the same. The death of a loved one, life will never be the same.
But life goes on, and so will yours.
The question before you then is, what kind of life do you want to have? There is healing, there is hope; yes there is happiness and accomplishment and self-confidence after divorce. If that is what you want, but can barely imagine – I will hold on to hope for you, and we will get there together.
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Life Stage Transition

Life is not in the habit of standing still. Whether it’s your kids growing up and moving out, your parents growing old and passing away, or the world itself seeming to change into an increasingly strange place while you stay the same – change often happens before we’re ready. When the life you know and are familiar with is shaken up, it can leave you feeling lost without a map.
Whether the change or transition is happening in your personal life, family or the world at large, it helps to have some guidance to navigate new territory. Your therapist will be trained in systemic thinking, the push/pull nature of interaction cycles and change, and how to put you in the driver’s seat of your life.
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Work and Career Challenges

Our professional identity can be a big part of who we are. Statistically, we spend more waking hours at work than around our friends and family the majority of the week. That’s a lot of time. And when problems arise in such a significant area of our lives, it can feel pretty overwhelming. Working too much can lead to problems at home, yet not working enough can cause problems at home. Conversely, problems at work can also lead to problems at home.
How about some solutions?
At West Metro Christian Counseling, I will work with you to define your goals, the challenges to those goals and the strategies and solutions to achieving your goals. It will be work, but the best kind of work. The kind that pays off.
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