Christian Individual Counseling in Eden Prairie MN

Life is quite often extraordinarily difficult, and very seldom completely void of opportunity. With that in mind, it can be helpful to have an advocate and ally to strive towards your goals with.  Your concern in individual counseling may be as simple as finally kicking that old habit or learning how to handle a challenging situation/person. Your concern may be as heavy as navigating a life that seems to be coming apart at the seams. Whatever your concern is, you don’t need to walk alone.
You will be heard, confidentially and without judgment. If you are depressed, embarrassed, anxious, confused, stuck, frustrated, curious, searching, or hopeless – you are welcome here.

Coping / Life Transitions
Grief & Loss
Stress, Trauma & Abuse
Divorce Recovery
Life Stage Transition
Work and Career Challenges
Identity Challenges
Family of Origin
Low self-esteem / poor self-worth
Spiritual Struggles
Mental Health Symptoms/Diagnosis
Anxiety / Depression
Men’s Counseling
Sexual Concerns