Christian Family Counseling in Eden Prairie, MN

We live in an incredibly blessed country, and in no small part due to a culture of opportunity and earnestness – where you as an individual can achieve based on your ability and character, rather than being limited by your birth. That focus on the individual, on responsibility and independence – while great, must be tempered. No spouse is a spouse, without a partner. No child can be a child without first having parents. All of life can largely be framed with respect to our relationships – the most fundamental of which is a family.

If a relationship between two adults that chose each other is difficult, it should not be surprising when an entire family composed of only some adults with only some say in the membership, is also difficult. Parenting is a lot of work, too often thankless. Having parents is a lot of work also and it’s unasked for, but you’re still supposed to be thankful.

Therapy with families then, takes all the challenges, hopes and dreams of the individuals, the dynamics and relationships between the family members, sits all of that together and asks – what do we want? If you need help with all the conflict, with communication difficulty, with misunderstanding, chaos or inflexibility – if life is overwhelming, painful and just not working,

You are welcome here.

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