Christian Counseling – Believing Beyond the Darkness Part 2 of 2

Last post, I discussed the darkness that seems to be gripping our world and the need for people of faith to walk in the belief in something, in Someone, better. As I write this, I can only guess what new horror or foreboding development has come to pass before this posted to further shade our perception of these grim dark days. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what happens today or tomorrow, because God is the same. Good and GOD.

It is often difficult to grasp how God could be good and still God, what with the darkness and all, but perhaps a change in perspective can help us. In a counseling session I had, a client and I were discussing the bible metaphor of physical labor pain and subsequent childbirth. We were talking about the idea, the question really, of “what if the darkness we see isn’t an all consuming darkness covering the world, but the darkness of childbirth?”

To the little one being formed in the secret place of their mother, all is darkness. But that darkness is merely a prelude to birth, to life bursting forth, and a glorious new thing being done by God. All of the pain, the contractions of labor would feel like your world is collapsing with the walls literally seeming to cave in and crush you. But know this and be encouraged. The world is not collapsing. All is not darkness. Rather, something new is being born. It is in light of this metaphorical reality that we can be encouraged by three things.

  • One, as the child in the womb we experience darkness and pain as we are squeezed yes, but know that God the Creator suffers with us. God is the One birthing a new thing, and God feels every pain, every contraction, every sharp pang as we are joined with Him in this labor of birth.
  • Two, as when two oxen of disparate strength are yoked and it is the stronger one that does all of the work, being yoked to Christ means that Jesus the Mighty does all of the work. In like fashion, despite the pressure you feel in childbirth, as the work of delivery belongs to the mother in labor and not the child, so too is God the One Whom is actually doing all of the work of childbirth. Again, know and be encouraged, in the midst of darkness and collapse, something new is being born and it is God and God alone Whom bears the weight, the burden, and will see the work Finished. Your strength is not required.
  • And three, despite the pain, confusion, darkness, danger and outright intensity of the trauma that must be the experience for any child being born, we do not remember it. Know that this will neither break you nor ruin you. That while it will surely be a defining moment, it will also be an experience which in the reality of the hereafter will not touch you. The pain, the darkness, the confusion, will bear no power over you.

For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth;
And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind.
But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create;
For behold, I create Jerusalem as a rejoicing,
And her people a joy. – Isaiah 65:17-18

To the child in the womb, their entire world is dark and that is all they can see. But what if they could believe beyond the darkness? Believe beyond what you can see. Let there be light in your soul, and then, let it shine.

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